"Contos e Sonos" is born to explore some of the several artistic expressions of the Sardinian cultural heritage, such as music (Launeddas, barrel organ etc.), oral traditions (tales, myths, legends), traditional dancing and singing (a tenore, a concordu, with guitar etc.). With this project, the Teatro Actores Alidos wants to modernize the former Municipal Cultural Center in Pula, making it the "domo de sa cultura" (house of the culture), a new cultural hub that will organize events, meetings, workshops, interactive courses and contests, with the goal to promote, recover and pass on the oral traditions and the practice of ancient arts, especially between the younger generations and the students, so that they can learn and preserve them.

These initiatives will encourage social participation and cultural exchanges, all to facilitate the creation of new formulas and ideas across the different disciplines. All the productions (documents, activities etc.) will be available digitally later on, to be preserved and always accessible.

"Contos e Sonos" wants to be a spark for the "domo", to engage the public, make them enjoy and discover the many faces of the vast sardinian cultural heritage, constantly evolving and reinterpreted.