About us

Teatro Actores Alidos was founded in 1982 in Cagliari by the Artistic Director Gianfranco Angei and the actress Valeria Pilia. Since 1985 it has been recognized and funded by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage as a Research and Experimentation Theatrical Company. Since 1995 TAA is established in Quartu S. Elena (6 Km from Cagliari) where lots of international events (theater, dance and music) are organized.

TAA’s theatrical poetry, synthesis of a research on languages, is characterized by the interaction between various performing arts (theater, dance, songs, physical expression, music, video) and it is expressed through a dramaturgical vision that privileges the actor’s creativity and physical action rather than text.

The word, indeed, acts together with the physical action. In this way it aims to express (and not to represent) stories emotionally experienced with a strong visual impact, to provide incentives and suggestions, to offer personal points of view and different reading possibilities to the audience. TAA's creations are based on various sources of inspiration, elaborating different expressive criteria that are hard to be configured in terms of genres or styles.
Le creazioni del TAA si basano su varie fonti d’ispirazione elaborando differenti moduli espressivi difficilmente configurabili in schematizzazioni di generi o stili.

In addition to Gianfranco Angei, the shows produced by Teatro Actores Alidos have been directed by Valeria Pilia, Else Marie Laukvik (Odin Teatret), Rino Sudano, Pino Costalunga, Carlo Quartucci, Nullo Facchini, Sainkho Namtchylak.

In 35 years of activity, TAA set up several different shows and it has been invited to numerous and prestigious International Festivals in 23 Nations: Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Finland , Egypt, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Norway, Holland, Ecuador, Great Britain, Ireland, Greece, Sweden.

Since 2001, along with the theatrical activity, TAA is engaged in the musical field. Among the most significant events we report the participation to the "WOMEX World Music Expo (Newcastle -UK), "FIRA Mediterranea Manresa (Barcelona - Spain)," Konzert House in Vienna (Austria). In 2011 TAA’s actresses / singers were invited by Vinicio Capossela to take part to his tour.

The Company won the following prizes: 1st Prize "Malzahaus Folk Herbest" Festival (Plauen-Germany) with " Songs of Sardinian Women”. "Maria Carta Prize" with the concert " Songs of Sardinian Women ". "Audience Award" at the "Rome Fringe Festival" with the show "Zitti zitti" (directed by Valeria Pilia). "The Golden Rose" at the "National Festival of Padua with the show "Zitti zitti" (directed by Valeria Pilia).
1° Prize Festival “Malzahaus Folk Herbest” (Plauen-D) with the concert “Canti delle donne sarde”.
Prize “Maria Carta col concerto “Canti delle donne sarde”
“Premio del pubblico” at the international Festival “Roma Fringe Festival” with the show “Zitti zitti” (directed by Valeria Pilia).
“La Rosa d’Oro” at “National Festival of Padova” with the show “Zitti zitti” (directed by Valeria Pilia).